Pathfinder Academy

Party Episode 2016! [ft. Andrew from Tales from the Lich]

October 31, 2016

We got together 4 guys from the interwebs including Andrew from Softly Speaking Sanskrit, Ryan who previously guest-starred on Pathfinder Academy, Christian co-professor of Pathfinder Academy, and Caleb founder of the Trailblazer Network to play games like 'the % game' and 'family feud' and shoot the breeze. We're so proud that you guys choose to spend your time listening to this network and the shows on it. Please make use of the twitter we set up solely so we can have more dialog with you, the fans, @TBlazerNetwork and feel free to e-mail us at

I want to say a small word about this episode's pace. It's a great episode with fun and laughter throughout however I feel that I made a small misstep. I was trying to combine the themes of 'fun and games' with 'Halloween' and I don't think it worked as well as I'd like. This is completely the fault of myself and the guests were great and did great, this one's all on me. In future episodes I think we will be sticking with just the party theme instead to make a more cohesive episode for you guys. I hope you enjoy today's episode. - Caleb

Note: This episode includes some 'potty humor', quite literally.

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